Nissan Qashqai Design May Come to the US

Nissan may be getting a new SUV in the near future thanks to the success of the Nissan Qashqai overseas. This urban crossover is making an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, which is the first time an American audience has seen the model. The Qashqai has a bold exterior, powerful engine, and some innovative features, all of which is wrapped in a sporty SUV package.

According to Auto World News, the current generation of the Nissan Qashqai design was developed in 2014 for a European audience, and it is especially popular in the UK. This model has state-of-the-art safety systems, including the latest driver assist technologies. It also borrows some of the intelligent engineering features of the Rogue, making the Qashqai crossover truly remarkable.

The Qashqai is often considered by many to be the original crossover, and it has won multiple awards for styling, eco-friendly engineering, and more. In fact, What Car? named the Qashqai the most affordable and most eco-friendly vehicle in its segment, proving just how impressive this model truly is. Though it shares similarities with the Rogue, the Qashqai is a two-row vehicle, with a lighter design and a more compact look.

We can’t wait to see the new Nissan Qashqai on the American market. There’s no word yet if the model will keep its current name, but it’s sure to be popular among car enthusiasts everywhere.

Image by James

Nissan Rogue Hybrid is Nominated for Green SUV of the Year

Thanks to some innovative new features, the Nissan Rogue Hybrid was recently named a finalist for Green Car Journal’s “2017 Green SUV of the Year”. Although the winner won’t be announced for a little while, it’s still impressive to know that the first-ever hybrid Rogue is being recognized for its intelligent and eco-friendly design.

The new Nissan Rogue Hybrid comes with intelligent features like a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that’s paired with a one-motor, two-clutch powertrain. The hybrid system gets up to 176 horsepower total, and it has an impressive 35 highway mpg, according to Nissan. The Rogue also has an Intelligent Regenerative Braking system to recharge the battery as you decelerate and an Idle Start/Stop system to save energy.

“There are so many enhancements to Rogue for 2017, with every one of them designed to enhance its appeal with the fastest growing segment of buyers in the industry,” said Michael Bunce, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc. “The crowning achievement is the addition of the new Rogue Hybrid, which increases fuel efficiency without compromising passenger roominess or cargo utility.”

The 2017 Rogue also has a bold new exterior, advanced safety features, and a truly comfortable ride. The new hybrid powertrain option promises to lower the cost of fuel while also cutting back on emissions, an important step toward the future of mobility.

How to Winterize Your Car

How to Winterize Your Car
Don’t get stuck in the snow!

Getting your car ready for the cold weather is one of the most important things you can do as we get closer to winter. Doing a few simple maintenance tasks can prevent breakdowns and crashes, so follow these tips on how to winterize your car.

First, inspect your fluids. Now is a good time to get an oil and filter change, since clean oil improves engine performance, and you want your engine to be in the best shape possible in this cold weather. Coolant is the most important fluid in your car during the winter, so make sure you have the correct mixture of water and coolant. Otherwise, make sure your fluids are all at the appropriate levels and add some if necessary.

You should also inspect your tires. Do the penny test or check for wear bars to make sure your tire tread isn’t too low—good traction is extremely important when driving on wet roads. If you notice leaks, cracks, bulging, or bad tread, it might be time to replace your tires. You should check the tire pressure regularly and add air when needed, since the cold will mess with the density of the air and reduce pressure.

Have your battery tested at a parts store to make sure it’s charging properly, and check your brake pads for wear. If you notice anything like strange noises or handling issues, get it checked out before it’s too late! Finally, pack a winter emergency kit with anything you might need in the event of a crash. You can find a list of emergency items here!

$20,000 Nissan Donation to Mississippi Food Network BackPack Program

Canned Goods - Nissan Donation
Nissan’s committed to helping students in Mississippi have meals this coming school year by donating $20,000 to the Mississippi Food Network BackPack Program.

Nissan has donated $20,000 to the Mississippi Food Network to support their BackPack Program, a program that provides free meals during weekends and school vacations to students who may not be able to access food outside of school lunches.

This is part of Nissan’s ongoing support of children in need in Mississippi. This Nissan donation brings the company’s contributions to the Mississippi Food Network up to $80,000. The donation will enable the BackPack Program to pay for 4,000 meals.

Nissan didn’t just donate money to the cause, though—the company also got its employees involved. Workers at the Nissan Vehicle Assembly Plant in Canton, Mississippi, spent November 22 assembling more than 800 meal kits for the program.

Since 2006, when Nissan first donated to the Mississippi Food Network, the company has funded 15,800 meals, with 98% of contributions going to the BackPack Program. Nissan doubled its yearly contribution in 2016, letting the organization increase the number of students it serves weekly from 60 to 120.

Beyond working with Mississippi Food Network, Nissan has given more than $12 million in grants and gifts to organizations across Mississippi since 2006, when the assembly plant opened in Canton, as well as thousands of volunteer hours in schools and with nonprofits.

Lumberton, North Carolina Attractions

Lumberton, North Carolina Attractions
Gather the friends or family to explore!

Lumberton, North Carolina is home to a wonderful community that enjoys having visitors all year round! There are some wonderful attractions to visit during your stay in Lumberton and they range from shopping to exploring to museums. Here are some of the best Lumberton, North Carolina attractions as suggested by us here at Nissan of Lumberton.

Exploration Station

The Exploration Station provides families and children with a hands-on learning experience. Activities include grocery shopping, pretending to be a firefighter, and putting on a play. The center also hosts birthday parties with plenty of activities to ensure that special day is a memorable one for everyone involved!

Carolina Country Peddlers Mall

The Carolina Country Peddlers Mall officially opened for business in 2010 and has been thriving ever since. This mall fills the gap between a flea market and antique store. Vendors sells items of all shapes, sizes, and ages, except for clothing. The mall is open seven days a week so feel free to stop by whenever you get the chance!

African American Cultural Center

This center works to maintain a collection of artifacts, paintings, and photographs of famous African Americans. It also includes the contributions and accomplishments of local African Americans. The facility features a kitchen and can hold up to 100 people.

No matter where you go in Lumberton, there is always something to do. Get out there and have some fun!

How to Repair Car Water Damage

Repair Car Water Damage
Did Hurricane Matthew damage your car? Here’s how to fix it.

Rainstorms and flood waters can do a number on your vehicle’s interior and the exterior as well. That can lead to some costly repairs if you go straight to a professional. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to reduce the damage and lower your overall costs. Here are several steps you can take to help repair car water damage from us here at Nissan of Lumberton.

Assess –Before you do anything else, assess the damage. If the waterline comes near the dashboard, odds are the adjuster will simply total the car and you can get a new one. If that’s the case, there’s no point in doing anything but trying to salvage your possessions. Disconnect the battery strap if you’re going to dry out the car as best you can.

Engine – Avoid starting the engine at first, no matter how curious you may be to see if your car still runs. Check the oil and transmission dipsticks. If there are water droplets on either one, make sure to change the oil and filter first. If the oil looks muddy, remove the oil pan and wash it out. Start the engine. If it runs, make sure to change the oil and filter within the next couple of hundred miles as well.

Salvage – Salvage titles are viable for vehicles that have taken on flood damage but don’t bear the damaged look. Make sure to examine used cars for any signs of water damage. It could be a retitled car that had a salvage title in a different state.

We repair all types of Flood Damage including mechanical, electrical and body repair. Our team has lots of experience repairing flood damage. 

Contact us at Nissan of Lumberton if you have any additional questions about car water damage or if you’re interested in a new vehicle.

OEM vs Aftermarket Parts: Which Are Better?

OEM vs aftermarket parts
Parts from A-Z

When you need repairs, one of the first questions you should consider is whether or not to use OEM or aftermarket parts. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” which is a fancy way of saying these parts come from the same assembly line as the original component on your vehicle. Aftermarket parts of produced by third-party brands, or independent vendors. Read on to see OEM vs aftermarket parts.

There are pros and cons to these two different types of parts, according to Edmunds. Aftermarket parts are typically cheaper than OEM parts, and there is a wide selection to choose from. Most auto-parts stores stock their shelves with a variety of aftermarket parts, and corner garages tend to use them to save on costs. However, aftermarket parts don’t always compare to OEM parts.

OEM parts are the ideal choice; one reason dealerships almost always use them. These components are a guaranteed fit, because they come straight from the manufacturer. They are also held to a higher standard, and they tend to last longer—one reason many car warranties stipulate that OEM parts must be used. Perhaps best of all, OEM parts come with one-year warranties to ensure durability.

In short, OEM parts tend to be better in the long run. Using aftermarket parts can void your warranty, and they don’t always fit as well as OEM parts. Here at Nissan of Lumberton, we always use the highest quality parts, ensuring your repairs last. Remember, you get what you pay for—don’t settle when it comes to your car.

A New Halloween Tradition: Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat this year!

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to decorate for trunk or treat. That’s not a typo—trunk or treat is a growing tradition for many car lovers who are looking to decorate their vehicles. While some prefer spooky setups, others are going for pure creativity. Read on to learn more about trunk or treat.

According to Buzzfeed, one of the main ideas behind trunk or treat is to organize an event that keeps kids safe while also cutting down on walking. Many people meet in one parking lot, and kids go from car to car to collect candy. This idea is especially popular at schools and churches, as well as areas where houses are far apart or in bad neighborhoods.

If you do choose to do the trunk-or-treat event, just be sure to follow some basic rules. Gathering in a public parking lot is usually acceptable, but you may want to ask permission before using a private lot. Because you’re out in the open, you should also try to make sure that all the decorations are kid-friendly. Also, make sure not to drive with decorations on your car. This can lead to unintentional littering as well as poor visibility.

Above all else, have fun! Halloween is the perfect time to decorate your car and get in the holiday spirit. We can’t wait to see what local residents comes up with.

Nissan to Debut New GT-R NISMO at Auto Show

Where’s the GT-R NISMO going to be next?

Southern California and Nissan both have a long-standing history with the realm of racing, which is why the 12th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show, or JCCS, held in Long Beach, California near the end of September, will be the chosen site for the unveiling of the new GT-R NISMO supercar. Never before seen in the United States, the GT-R NISMO is a welcome surprise for stateside fans of the track-inspired performance car.

The GT-R NISMO won’t be the only Nissan being shown off at JCCS. A few mint-condition classics – a ‘69 Patrol, ‘62 Fairlady, and a modified ‘71 Skyline – will make an appearance (it is a classic car show, after all) as well as some of Nissan’s racing stars. Nissan also has information about a number of giveaways and other activities that will be available at its booth at JCCS that the brand is slowly revealing throughout September with the hashtag #NissanAtJCCS.

With motorsport-inspired carbon fiber components, a redesigned front end, an entirely revised cockpit, all-wheel drive capability, and a 600-HP twin-turbocharged V6, the new GT-R NISMO is a sight to behold. More than 7,000 spectators will be attending JCCS on September 24th, when news and images about the GT-R NISMO are sure to surface online as well.

Best Fayetteville Restaurants

Best Fayetteville Restaurants
By Serge Melki from Indianapolis, USA – The restaurant Inside Marriott, CC BY 2.0,

Enjoying a day out in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina? If you’re looking for the best Fayetteville restaurants, we’ve done your homework for you and compiled a list of some of the most delicious choices in the area.

Billy Boy’s Grille: Want some good ol’ Southern cooking with a friendly, local atmosphere? Billy Boy’s Grille delivers delicious food, great specials, and a welcoming staff.

Charley’s Pub: Charming, cozy, and packed with a full bar and excellent weekend entertainment, Charley’s Pub is an awesome destination for anyone looking for a fun night out.

Fayetteville Pie Company: Who doesn’t love pie? Don’t be deceived, however; this place isn’t just desserts. Check the menu for a variety of unique and interesting savory pies for lunch and dinner.

Pierro’s Italian Bistro: If you want something a little more upscale, check out this award-winning Italian restaurant for gourmet meals.

Sherefe Mediterranean Grille: Sherefe provides more exotic cuisine, including Greek, Turkish, and other Mediterranean foods. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, and everything is locally-sourced.

Has anything caught your eye on our list of best Fayetteville restaurants? Give one of our choices a whirl and you’re sure to be impressed, or maybe explore the downtown area for yourself and come up with your own recommendations.