Craigslist vs. Dealership- Which One Should You Trust?

Craigslist vs. Dealership
Feel confident in your car buying experience!

So you’re in the market for a new car. Where do you start? Usually many people turn to the Internet to begin their research. There are so many resources to look at- local dealership sites, the OEM site, Edmunds, and Craigslist.

Now, sometimes Craigslist can get a bad rap for scams and tricks. But some people prefer it. Here’s a few reasons to buy from a dealership:

  • Financing options- If you purchase through Craigslist, the seller will most likely need and want all the money up front. When you purchase at a dealership, you’ll be able to have a monthly payment that fits your budget.
  • Car Background Knowledge- A dealership has lots of used cars to look at. These days, almost all of them come with a CarFax report to tell you all about the car’s past- including accidents, service appointments, the number of previous owners and the miles on the car. You could talk to the Craigslist seller for days and they could still be hiding very important information from you.
  • Options- You’ll have so many used car options to choose from if you buy used from a dealership. Not only do they have used and certified pre-owned of their own make, but they’ll also have different makes and models. This is great for someone who wants to shop around and see all their options.

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